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​Anthony Perry's Property Inspections will provides you with a commercial inspection with a 72 hour report turn around. We are certified home inspectors and certified commercial property inspectors giving you the most accurate of all inspection companies. If we see a problem we will us thermal imaging as part of the inspection. Our assessments commercial inspections we use the ASTM E-2018 Standards as our base line. We inspect:

Office Buildings, Strip Malls, Medical & Dental Offices, Car Dealerships, Industrial Buildings, Churches, Warehouses, Condominiums, Apartment and Multi-Family Buildings, Motels/Hotels, Schools, Mobile Home Parks, Multi-Use Buildings, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Residential and Retirement Homes.

All reports are detailed and easy to read. Additional inspection and testing services are available to provide a more in depth view of the property under consideration. We have performed commercial inspections on every type of building. Our commercial property inspectors are certified and have the experience needed for your property.

You can specify deviations to meet your individual needs and building type. These deviations would be mutually agreed upon and clearly stated in the documents and final report. These deviations may exceed the assessment standards and include dismantling and operation of key systems like HVAC, maintenance suggestions, long term replacement schedules. We also carry E and O and General Liability Insurance.

A commercial property inspection generally exceed the above standards by having our commercial inspector to include dismantling and operating key systems such as furnaces, electric panels, hot water heaters, etc. The information gain by these invasive procedures will normally allow us to exclude documents called for in the ASTM E-2018-1 standards. We have the flexibility to custom tailor your inspection reports for your project and situation.

The end result provides you with a more detailed picture of what kind of operating condition the major equipment is in and how maintenance (good or bad) has effected its life span. Reports are generally computer generated and available 2-3 days after the inspection.

Our company has performed inspections in Cleveland, Ohio since 1994. Each of our commercial inspectors are Certified Master Inspectors and has a minimum of 10 years full-time experience performing commercial and residential property inspections, participate in Continuing Education Programs (CEU's) and have completed over 4,000 fee paid property inspections.

Prioritize the safety of your employees and customers, and make time for a commercial building inspection. Anthony Perry’s Inspections, LLC has an excellent reputation, and we’ll make sure your space is habitable. If we discover serious damage, we can recommend the best general contractors in the area. Contact us at 216-246-8787 to learn about our process. We follow InterNACHI and NACBI standards and maintain competitive pricing